Right Thought, Right Time


     I take digital photographs primarily of outdoor landscape and wildlife subjects located where my husband and I travel or near our home in Dublin, Ohio.

    My abstract pieces* are composed of multiple images I layer to suggest depth, texture, and ambiguity. I intend to challenge assumptions about what is and is not visible, and to compel viewers to consider what lies beneath the surface in art and life.

   Because I live with the certainty of uncertainty inherent in having multiple sclerosis, I feel the urgency to produce art while I can. And, I do.

   Enjoy the samples below.

"Peacock Feather"                                  "Aboard Gondolas"

*  "Falcon Spirit"                                   *  "Surf Sights"

"Gondola Pair"
                                       *  "Tripping 2"

*  "Horse Raku"                                      *  "Foxburg Lights in Blue"

"Callas"                                                "Sun Fleur"

 "Dragonfly"                                         "Lewes Kayak"

*  "Egret Duo"                                       "Lewes Creek"

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