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A well-written memoir of facing the three M's--MS, Menopause, and Midlife. Ms. Ambrosio is honest and witty, inspirational without being overbearing, and engaging. Her story is told with insight, humor, and much wisdom."
-First Place, Biography and Autobiography
National Federation of Press Women (Ohio Affiliate)
2011 Communications Contest

“As life begins to strike with age, some women take it better than others. Life Continues: Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause, and Midlife with Hope, Courage, and Humor is a memoir from Carmen Ambrosio who started life in the Virgin Islands and faces the full brunt of age in the much less tropical Midwest. Life Continues has a simple and powerful message for other aging women; very highly recommended.” 
                                        -Midwest Book Review «««««  

Reader Reviews

"I have read a lot of books about the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, but Carmen Ambrosio goes far beyond that scope. Her book, Life Continues, tells the story of life: life with family, life as an independent woman, life as a wife and step-mother, and life with friends and co-workers. Life with multiple sclerosis is a part of her story, but it is not her defining role."

“This is not just a book for women struggling with multiple sclerosis and/or menopause and/or who have reached middle age. Life Continues is an entertaining and uplifting inspiration for anyone of any age and gender who wants to face life with hope, courage, etc., etc.  It’s a great read and you will enjoy it even if
you don’t feel especially challenged by anything. It’s a clever, witty, insightful look across the span of the author’s first 50 years…"

“It was hard to put it down.”

“Carmen writes beautifully about a life that is rich in so many ways, while at the same time, shaped by the need to continually adapt to living with a progressive disease. Her artful use of humor draws her reader into the world of those of us with multiple sclerosis. I hope this is just one of the many books to be written by Carmen.”

“Wise, witty and compelling.”
                            -J. M.

“It is wonderful. It’s beyond wonderful.” 

"Captivating and very cleverly written."
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