Right Thought, Right Time



    My intention is for you to celebrate and reflect upon personal experiences throughout the roller coaster journey of life.
    We all need the daily emotional nutrition provided by positive, supportive communications of friends, family, and others we encounter on our paths.
    Whenever possible, nourish your own as well as someone else's spirit with the Right Thought for the Right Time.


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(photo by Shellee Fisher)

    Carmen Ambrosio is an author, photographer, and occasional sculptor who loves to travel anywhere snakes cannot be spotted readily.
    Her wonderful husband Larry persuaded the self-transplanted U.S. Virgin Islander to stop being a bachelorette rolling stone (so many states in which to live and work, so little time) and to marry him in Ohio over a decade years ago. 
    Carmen, true to her independent and creative nature, founded AMBROSart after working for over 25 years in corporate and nonprofit settings. 
    A warped sense of humor and the dedicated support of Larry, friends, and family help Carmen to keep the effects of having multiple sclerosis in perspective--especially on Duct Tape Days.
    Carmen and Larry lived with a loyal, right tail-wagging, always shedding, constantly entertaining, one-of-a-kind pooch named Samson for ten years. 
    She is the author of two books:
SAMSON: Memories of a Found Hound (2017) and Life Continues (2010).

Samson Ambrosio
a.k.a. Sammy da Nose

proudly took all of his AMBROSart job responsibilities hardly seriously:
-Rover Reporter
-Security Sentinel
-Production Reduction Specialist
-Downward Dog Doga Authority
-Not-so Clandestine Couch Sitter
-Muttley Muse

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