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Fans, the wait is over.
The book is done!
By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

It would make my tail wag on turbo if you bought a copy or two or four today.

Add it to your summer reading pile.

Share it with all the human moms and dads
of dogs you know.

Thank you!


Impatiently Waiting
By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

Dear Mistress:

It’s almost time for the trees to shed and the constant neighbor mowing to stop drowning out my snoring.

Please make my dreams (and those of my adoring fans) come true. Our new book needs to be available for pawing and perusing by Yummy Smelling Fowl Day.

Write. Edit. Format. Puplish (or whatever that word is). C’mon, don’t make me beg. Finish.

By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

Dear Fans with Four Limbs,

I've taken the opportunity to do what I do best (nap) while Mistress Carmen prepares for a summer art exhibit (work).

The woman has the attention span of a gnat.

Please check back for updates.




Looking Beyond My Nose
By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

Wonderful News to Woof About

Sometime in 2015, between the months I used to snack on snow and the days the birds return to sing and flit about, I, the Sam, along with Mistress, will launch a new All Paws Network project.

My nostrils spasm in anticipation.


Pawfect Poems
By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

I spent some of Sunday peering over Mistress Carmen's shoulder as she read Dog Songs. It's obvious to me that Puplitzer (or whatever the name is) poet and devoted dog mom Mary Oliver has deciphered the canine communications code. Doggie fans will feel the human-dog love and mutual admiration she describes throughout her latest book.

After reading Miss Mary's tales of her dogs romping in the sand and surf unleashed, I may have to rethink my reluctance to dip any of my fur into any beach or river. Water to me used to be only for drinking and, thankfully, never tasted like salt or anything else. I wasn't a fan at all of hoses, puddles, or raindrops. Naturally, my schnoz began to twitch when she wrote about her small dog's hunt for dead fish and all things supremely stinky. Way to go, fellow nose connoisseur!

I suggest you get your paws on Dog Songs to enjoy alone or while nuzzling with your favorite furry one(s) by your side.  

Meanwhile, I plan to translate the book into Doglish for the rest of my pooch pals who, like me and Miss Mary's beloved pooch Percy, now reside in the sky.


A Booming Bark for McDuff:
A Life Worth Many Woofs

By SAMSON AMBROSIO (in spirit) - All Paws Network

I'm happy to oblige Mistress' recent request to review a book about McDuff, a pampered pooch with a steady peer-into-your-soul gaze, belly barely above ground, and a personality bigger than he ever was. And, although he was one of those AKC-credentialed canines, I can tell by the way his owner, author Judy McFadden, described her beloved Scottie that he definitely would have been my kind of buddy. McDuff was a proud and perceptive pooch who knew the perfect prescription for making two-legged friends and strangers feel better was a wet nose nudge, a gentle kiss, a paw pat, or a body nuzzle at, or on, a human's feet. Plus, he liked to roll in stinky stuff.

His human mom and professional trainers may have taught McDuff how to sit and stay calm. But, knowing how to care and connect with others? That was purely instinct. McDuff seemed destined to deliver unconditional doggie devotion wherever he went.

If I had thumbs, I would pick up this book over and over again. Life with McDuff: Lessons Learned from a Therapy Dog is worth five minutes of right tail wagging and cover-to-cover reading.


By SAMSON AMBROSIO - All Paws Network

As the sole hound in this household, I welcome the attention lavished on me. I have a crate loaded with stuffed toys. My food and water bowls are filled every morning. When the sun disappears and it gets dark outside, I get a biscuit. On the day of the big newspaper, after Master and I go for a long walk, I get to enjoy a Greenie--usually outside in the grass.


Oftentimes I think about all my dog buddies who have no house, no Masters or Mistresses, no doggie or human beds, no sofas, no treats, no leash or license, no doggie doctor . . . .  When I was pup-teen, I was without a home. I remember scrounging for food in garbage and lapping water in puddles wherever I could. Then, one day as I tried to dodge cars and trucks, I was rescued from the road. I became a family pet. My tail has been wagging just about every muttley moment since then.


That's worth a bunch of woofs!

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